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Andy Chmait, BSc

My areas of expertise and interest are in medical copywriting of autoimmune (e.g. Multiple Sclerosis), neurological (e.g. Alzheimer’s), developmental ( e.g. ADHD) , and optical (e.g. Macular Degeneration) disorders. These areas of interest are not limited — I am always eager and ready to explore different topics.

I pride myself in knowing the need for a high level of detail, and applying that detail in the writing that I provide to my clients. These pieces are delivered in a prompt and timely manner. I am highly skilled at translating scientific and medical information from clinical and scientific research papers into easy-to-read, engaging forms of content that keeps the integrity and reliability of the original source intact.

On the back-end, I have 3 years of acquired knowledge in content writing, writing metadata, and SEO. Using my vast wealth of knowledge and experience I ensure each piece of copywriting is ranked higher in search engines, is found first and easier by the targeted audience.
I consistently learn & adapt to new ways to rank; all whilst improving my skillset on a daily basis. With the quality content I produce, the reader will see an eye-catching, relative title & description making the reader want to click and read through engaging and informative content.

Combining my years of expertise in content writing, over 10 years of retail experience as a top level manger, and a BSc in Biological Sciences with more than a combined 6 months of independent research experience — I am a reliable freelance medical writer your company can trust to deliver highly exceptional quality content!

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