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Andy Chmait, BSc

My areas of expertise and interest are in medical copywriting of autoimmune (e.g. Multiple Sclerosis), neurological (e.g. Alzheimer’s), developmental ( e.g. ADHD) , and optical (e.g. Macular Degeneration) disorders. These areas of interest are not limited — I am always eager and ready to explore different topics.

I pride myself in knowing the need for a high level of detail, and applying that detail in the writing that I provide to my clients. These pieces are delivered in a prompt and timely manner. I am highly skilled at translating scientific and medical information from clinical and scientific research papers into easy-to-read, engaging forms of content that keeps the integrity and reliability of the original source intact.

On the back-end, I have 3 years of acquired knowledge in content writing, writing metadata, and SEO. Using my vast wealth of knowledge and experience I ensure each piece of copywriting is ranked higher in search engines, is found first and easier by the targeted audience.
I consistently learn & adapt to new ways to rank; all whilst improving my skillset on a daily basis. With the quality content I produce, the reader will see an eye-catching, relative title & description making the reader want to click and read through engaging and informative content.

Combining my years of expertise in content writing, over 10 years of retail experience as a top level manger, and a BSc in Biological Sciences with more than a combined 6 months of independent research experience — I am a reliable freelance medical writer your company can trust to deliver highly exceptional quality content!

Online Portfolio

The Phoenix Open 2023: A Showcase of the Power of Habits

Table of Contents I. Introduction: What is the Phoenix Open 2023 and Why is it Relevant II. The Importance of Habit in Golf and Life III. Champions on Display at the Phoenix Open 2023 IV. Tips for Building Habits in Golf and Life V. Conclusion I. Introduction: What is the Phoenix Open 2023 and Why…

Patience is Key: Navigating the Fussy Toddler Stage

Table of Contents I. Introduction: Importance of Patience for Parents II. Toddlers Learning to Communicate III. Remaining Calm and Patient IV. Understanding Toddler Fussiness is Temporary V. Setting Appropriate Boundaries and Expectations VI. Prioritizing Self-Care VII. Conclusion I. Introduction: Importance of Patience for Parents Patience is a virtue that all parents need to cultivate, especially…


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