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Rajni Sarma, MD (Pathology) and MSc

I worked as a pathologist for almost eight years before applying to Queen’s University Belfast for MSc in Molecular Pathology of Cancer. My outstanding verbal and demonstrative skills have helped me to get distinction in my master’s program.

However, I found my true passion in medical writing. Therefore, after I graduated from Queen’s University, I decided not to join any laboratory, but to restart my career as a medical writer.

I can write on a variety of topics related to the following fields: haematology, oncology, cytology, immunology, molecular pathology, digital pathology, targeted therapy and precision medicine, laboratory quality analysis and management. To brush up on my writing skills, I took a few online courses on Udemy as well.

My final asset is that I am a problem-solver and team player who can manage workloads within a turnaround time. As a writer, I strive to write in a concise, crisp and well-structured manner that appeals directly to the target readers.

Rajni Sarma’s Posts

Cervical Cancer: The Role of HPV Test and Vaccine

Cervical cancer prevention in the era of HPV test and vaccine Cervical cancer is the fourth most common cause of death among females worldwide. The high-risk Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is the major cause of cancer of the cervix. Although…

Viagra for Women: Is it a Myth?

Viagra for women: Decoding the misconception Introduction Viagra® is a brand name for an oral drug approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1988. Men worldwide take Viagra to treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED). From time immemorial, an…

Phantom Pregnancy: The Journey of a False Pregnancy

Phantom pregnancy: The road to nowhere Sharing the news of a pregnancy is one of the happiest moments of someone’s life. However, pregnancy symptoms can sometimes mislead a person. Such false symptoms of pregnancy without carrying a baby may be…

Wear it PINK: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Pink: the color of hope, love and compassion Pink is the color of hope, the color of love and compassion. We have a lot of plans in life: plans to enjoy time with our parents, to see our children grow…

Saying “YES” to a Bowel Cancer Screening Test

Why should you get screened for bowel cancer at the age of 60 or before? Almost nine out of ten bowel cancer patients are over the age of 60.* A bowel cancer screening kit is one of the most valuable…

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