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Johnny Zhou, PharmD

PharmD graduate looking to incorporate scientific/clinical knowledge into medical communication. I am experienced in community, retail, and industry cross-functional settings through my four years of education in pharmacy. My two years of experience in research have equipped me with a solid ability to conduct thorough literature reviews and capabilities to translate information into patient-friendly language. Passionate to explore new opportunities combining therapeutic knowledge and strategic planning to provide meaningful change for patients. 

My interest in medical writing stems from the industry’s potential to help patients’ lives through innovative medical communication. What attracts me to work with different businesses is their commitment to translating complex data into impactful medical communication. I believe that effectively communicating scientific knowledge from the patient perspective and forging it with the desire to improve their lives allows for innovation. 

My experience in pharmacy and research has been enriching and informative regarding changes to health care and providing content to the public. I am eager to take on a role in analyzing scientific information and representing them in medical communication initiatives. I confidently believe that medical communication is a discipline that will allow me to view problems from the patient’s standpoint and the marketplace’s point of view. 

The therapeutic areas I have expertise/interest in are gastrointestinal conditions, transplants, and pain management. Related fields I am passionate about include pharmacoeconomics, pharmacokinetics, and data analytics. Outside of work, I enjoy snowboarding, swimming, and biking. A trip to the Rockies is always a good time for me!

I look forward to the opportunity to hear from your team!

Johnny Zhou’s Posts

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At some point in your experience with Ulcerative Colitis (UC), you might have heard of a biologic called Humira. Humira, also known as Adalimumab, is one of several biologics that can be used to treat UC. Recently, Humira biosimilars have been a frequent discussion topic on the news.12 This blog post will tackle what biologics…

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For most people who have seen a medical professional, diet and exercise are one of the most recommended non-drug options. With so many different diets seen on social media sites, it can be confusing to decide what options work well for you. Some popular specialty diets that are followed include10: However, a popular diet that…

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