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Deepanjali Jaiswal, MPharm

Deepanjali, trained as an International Pharmacist, has endeavored to create a career focused on merging her interest in Pharmacovigilance, Patient care, Research, and working with Startups focused on Clinical Research. She joined IQVIA in 2020 and has served as a Safety Associate on the Emergency Use Authorization Vaccine program for COVID-19.

She is a passionate professional with comprehensive experience in Individual Case Safety Reports (ICSRs) with over four years of experience in Pharmacology research, business development, training, quality control, technical service management, and operational planning in domestic/international academic and corporate settings.
Expertise includes corporate leadership, contract negotiation, scientific writing, and experimental clinical pharmacology.

She has developed a good understanding of GCP-ICH(E6), MedDRA Coding, Narrative Writing, Follow-Up Reports, Adverse Event Reporting, and E2b Documents while working as a Case Processor and handling hundreds of cases from different Countries during working with IQVIA ( Project Moderna). She developed a sound knowledge of Clinical Trials and therapeutics. Thus, she brings the right blend of education and experience to get the right platform. In her free time, you can find her reading books and creating playlists to vibe to.

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