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Darian Stacy, BSc

Darian Stacy, BSc

Darian Stacy is in the process of getting her Masters in Public Health after receiving a Bachelors of Science in the Health Sciences in 2021.

Though her ultimate goal is to get a doctorate, she is currently focusing her efforts on the fields of hematology, epidemiology, infectious diseases, diabetes care/endocrinology, and cardiology.

She worked as a senior plasma center technician in the rare diseases sector of Takeda Pharmaceuticals throughout her undergraduate coursework and shadowed an endocrinologist as well as a pediatric cardiologist during this same time period.

She has a dual certification through CITI to conduct Basic Biomedical Research as well as Basic Social and Behavioral Research.

Her passion is in using medical and scientific information mixed with her writing and translation skills to further the education of others, and she aims to have a more medically educated general population in the future.

Darian Stacy’s Posts

The Importance of Modern Research and Its Impact on Smoking Since the Early 1950s

In 1950, the Journal of The American Medical Association published a study conducted by Wynder and Graham titled “Tobacco Smoking as a Possible Etiologic Factor in Branchiogenic Carcinoma: A Study of 684 Proven Cases” 4. This study focused on lung cancer prevalence in relation to cigarettes and although it was not the first article published…

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