Why Eating Healthy Keeps Your Brain Healthy

Keeping a healthy balanced lifestyle which includes eating a healthy balanced diet, exercise, actively practicing good mental health habits, and healthy levels of stress ensures you are keeping your brain healthy. All of these things are not mutually exclusive. They are all very important to ensure you have a healthy brain. Your brain is active 24 hours a day. Every single second of the day, your brain is working out and working hard to send signals down the synaptic highway engaging different functions which keep you alive, help you move, and is you. Through in through.

Eating healthy helps ensure you are keeping your brain healthy in many ways. This is because what foods you eat impact your gut. Your gut has bacteria that work together with you in a win-win sort of fashion called symbiosis. They work together, and by doing so allows for a barrier within the gut lining. This barrier is crucial because only what’s supposed to go past should go past, and what isn’t should not go past. This barrier is called the intestinal barrier. When we eat bad foods regularly this barrier can get penetrated by sugar fragments of bacteria called lipopolysaccharides or LPS. This is the culprit behind sepsis, the poisoning of the blood. It doesn’t immediately cause sepsis when it passes through, but regular permeability of the intestinal barrier can cause low grade inflammation. When this low grade inflammation is chronic (occurs regularly): the inflammation is caused by the activation of our immune system. The molecules that pass through the intestinal barrier may be recognized by your immune system, and identifiers (or antigens) are produced by your immune system. These identifiers (antigens) may chemically resemble fragments of your own body, such as the myelin sheaths in your brain! It’s has been seen the permeability also weakens in the blood brain barrier (BBB) when a person produces excess levels of amyloid beta peptide, as a result of being overweight or obese. This allows for the immune system to pass through, and attack brain tissue.

When you are eating the right foods, this helps ensure that chronic low grade inflammation doesn’t occur. This isn’t guaranteed, and doesn’t ensure that you will not be susceptible to disease as there are many factors which can induce diseases, including neurological diseases. However, this is one area where we can control what we eat. Stay healthy my friends, and stay tuned for another article to help you stay healthy!


My name is Andy, and I am a freelance medical writer. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences. I have a keen interest in Nutrition, Neurological Diseases, Development Diseases, and Ocular disorders. Please contact me if you are looking for a medical writer with knowledge in the fields listed above.


Andy, BSc

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