Where To Go and What To Do In Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is an absolutely beautiful Province. If you haven’t already been to Nova Scotia, I highly recommend putting this on your “Places To Travel” list. I was fortunate enough to be born in this outstanding place, and I am so blessed that apart of my life took place in Nova Scotia. I lived in Nova Scotia until I was four years old, then moved to Alberta. Alberta is also a very beautiful province, it has the Rocky Mountains, and lots of gorgeous lakes. But for me nothing compares to Nova Scotia. From the moment you land and get off the plane you will notice an immediate difference in the air quality. The salty ocean air is moist, clean, and fresh. Enjoy driving through the windy hilly roads surrounded by trees and wild flowers.

Nova Scotia has a sense of community and family, that I adore. In Nova Scotia you don’t walk by someone with out saying hello, you may even stop for a quick chat. Neighbours are like family, and may just walk into your home to borrow your eggs and butter. Even though I have lived there only for the first 4 years of my life, Nova Scotia just feels like home, it will always be home. I truly believe that everyone who travels to this province will also feel at home. Being in Nova Scotia will be a comfortable, peaceful, and relaxing vacation. When you find out how cheep house prices are down there you may just never want to leave.

During my travels back home, there are certain places I always visit, and a number of traditional activities I always do. I developed a list below to inspire travellers to go to Nova Scotia, and to make the most out of their trip.

Carter’s Beach

beach with white sand and sand dollars

Carter’s Beach is the most beautiful beach in Canada! This beach is somewhat of a hidden gem. Although, each year more and more people are discovering this beach, it is still sort of under the radar. People who live near Carter’s Beach hope it remains a secretive destination. Being that this is my personal favourite beach, I may even regret posting about it, just in case next time I go there it is crowned with tourists. So, I guess I should not talk it up to too much. Jokes aside, Carter’s is the number one beach to visit in Canada! The very best of the best!

Unlike a lot of beaches in Nova Scotia, Carter’s is a white sand beach with little rocks. The water is crystal clear and turquoise in colour, which creates the illusion that you are in the Caribbean, but when you frolic happily into the beautiful ocean blue, you will quickly get a very cold reminder that “Nope, I am still in Canada, and this is the Atlantic Ocean”. Carter’s Beach is very long so you can walk the white sunny beach all day. As the tide comes in, the beach remains fairly wide so you don’t have to worry too much about the time of day you are going to the beach. As the tide goes out, the water creates pools on the sand that are shallow for kids and dogs. These pools warm up quickly from the sun, similar to bathwater. There are usually little-to-no waves at this beach, although you can’t go surfing, you can have a peace of mind that your kids won’t get swept away.

One magical thing I cannot forget to mention about Carter’s Beach, is that it is home to some very special little creatures. This bit of the ocean is filled with Sand Dollars! Sand Dollars are round, small, and blackish purple in colour. If you can bear the cold water, and go searching you may end up with a very special reward and souvenir. Soak your sandollar in water to eliminate the sand then dry them out on a towel for a couple days. They will turn white and make a beautiful natural decoration, and a wonderful keep sake. Each year there are less and less Sand Dollars in the water. Only take one because these are living creatures, and have a their own role in the ocean.

Ps: Watch out for Horse Shoe Flies, they hurt bad! There are also quite a few jelly fish at this beach, watch where you step and swim!

Blueberry Picking

If Nova Scotia was a fruit, it would be a Blueberry. Nova Scotia has tons and tons of blueberry trees scattered across the Province. Park on the side of the road and wonder off in the bush to find thousands of fresh plump wild blueberries. Don’t get lost, but if you happen too, at least there are plenty of fruit to keep you fed. Make sure you wear a bright orange hat and jacket so that hunters don’t mistake you for an animal. Take a couple buckets or bowls and fill them up with natures fruit. Enjoy the beauty of the forest with the green moss, mushrooms, and various types of trees. With these delicious wild blueberries, you can make lots of desserts such as blueberry pie, blueberry scones, and blueberry cake.

Ps: Don’t eat the blueberries that are on the ground, it’s rabbit poop.


girl shopping at a thrift store

Frenchy’s is Nova Scotia’s thrifting store. My parents always shopped at Frenchy’s for me and my siblings. Now as an adult, when I go to Nova Scotia I always make a stop into Frenchy’s, it’s a tradition. Baby clothes are in great supply at Frenchy’s, and a lot of them are in really good condition. I suggest shopping thrift stores for baby clothes and building a collection for when you have a baby, for your grandchildren, or for your nieces and/or nephews. You can sanitize the clothes and they are good as new. You never know what you may find when thrifting. The best part shopping here is that they have super cheap prices, and it doubles as a gift from Nova Scotia!

Ps: Ask them when their shipment comes in so you can have first dibs!

Summerville Beach

Summerville beach Nova Scotia girl standing on bridge over the ocean

Summerville beach is another absolutely beautiful beach. There is a Resort on this beach, so it has that luxurious resort feel. The resort is very small, but the beach is huge, so it is never too crowded! Since this beach is so large it is perfect for setting up volleyball courts and badminton nets. This is a beautiful white sand beach with no rocks. The water is crystal clear and turquoise, so you don’t have to worry about what may be swimming under you. There is no sea weed here, and the beach is clean and well kept. The water is very cold, so jump in quickly, or slowly go in until each section of your body goes numb. This beach has mild-medium sized waves so it is perfect for playing in the water, jumping over and under the waves, and playing with boogie boards. There are many fun beach activities such as building sandcastles, playing frisbee and football, and going for a run. Relax, suntan, and enjoy the sound of music that the ocean plays at this glamorous beach get away!

There is a restaurant on the beach with beautiful views of the ocean you can try, but please note that you must wear regular clothing (no swim suits) and proper footwear (no bare feet, or beach shoes) otherwise they won’t let you in. I suggest making a reservation, because a lot of the time they are fully booked. Ask for a seat on the patio, to enjoy the ocean view with your meal! If your not waning to go to the restaurant then pack a picnic, and have some drinks right on the beach.

The best part of Summerville beach is that is has an old bridge that you can jump off of into the ocean. It is perfectly safe and sturdy, but watch your step because there are boards that are missing or rotting away. There are no rocks at the bottom of ocean so jumping off is perfectly safe. But, if you’re worried about hitting your head or landing on something sharp, the ocean water is so clear that you can see the bottom, so you can jump worry free.

Ps: Keep your eye out for seals.

Halifax Waterfront Pier

Halifax Nova Scotia waterfront Pier man sitting in a big red chair

Halifax is Nova Scotia’s Capital (and who are we kidding, it’s only) city, and has a grand waterfront pier to explore. This Waterfront Pier has some of the best street food and street performers around. Walk the length of the pier, and be entertained by very talented performers and a number a various acts. Listen to live music as you enjoy the sun and embrace the delicious salty air. There are many local restaurants with stunning oceans views. Try fish and chips, fried clams, and be sure to treat yourself with the local craft beers! If your not interested in stopping in for a bite, then try some of Nova Scotia’s street vendors. There is a wide variety of food consisting of traditional maritime meals, Nova Scotian favourites, as well as vegan and vegetarian options. There are countless local shops and boutiques, so you can collect all your much needed souvenirs and trinkets.

Ps: You must try a Hot Lobster Sandwich while in Nova Scotia! Seriously! You will not regret this mouth watering, creamy, delicious, traditional Nova Scotian favourite! So yummy! Don’t mistake this for a lobster roll, which is made with mayo.

Kejimkujik National Park

Kejimkujik is is an incredible park to visit in Canada. If you love camping, hiking, and outdoor activities then you must go to Keji. Go for a day trip or over night. At Kejimkujik you can canoe, kayak, and paddle board in a beautiful lake surrounded by tall green trees. The campsites at Keji are very nice because they are well treed giving you and your family privacy. There are lots of playgrounds for kids as well. There are lots of trails all over the park to hike and there is even waterfalls. You can jump into the water from rocks and play in the waterfalls.

Ps: If you see a “Duck Fart” on the menu, its a milkshake!

Digging For Clams

digging for clams in Nova Scotia with sunsetting

This activity is a must do when in Nova Scotia. Digging for clams is a traditional and interactive maritimes experience. Whether you choose to eat your clams or not, this is a very fun and cool experience. If you do choose to eat them, rinse and soak them numerous times in water, so the clams can spit the sand out. Soak them over night, and change the water often. You can steam your clams, and dip it in a mixture of butter and vinegar, which is my favourite. You can also make fried clams or cook it in a white wine sauce. If you like getting dirty and have fun playing in the mud, you will have a great time!

Ps: Make sure you wear a pair of high rubber boots and clothes you don’t care a whole lot aboot.

I hope these ideas help you plan your next get away to Nova Scotia! Have an enjoyable, relaxing and memorable vacation!

Comment Below If You Have Been To Nova Scotia! Tell Us Where You Went And What You Did When You Were There!

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