Top 5 Places To Visit in Iran

5. Valley of the Stars


The Valley of the Stars located in Qeshm Island in Iran is one for the books! Don’t miss out on these massive rock formations that will leave you at awh.

4. Naqsh-e Jahan Square


Also known as Imam Square, this UNESCO World Historical Site was built in the early 1600’s giving it a rich history throughout its lifetime. Naqsh-e Jahan Square is located in Isfahan, Isfahan Province, Iran. This is architectural masterpiece is a must see during your visit to Iran.

3. Tomb of Hafez


A beloved icon in Iran, the famous poet Hafez had a memorial built to honour his legacy. The tomb was originally built in Shiraz in 1492 with a dome like structure, and over the years restorations kept taken place until finally famed French architect André Godard built the dome to what it is today! Definitely a must see, at least for the little historian in you.

2. Laton Waterfall


This massive 105 meter waterfall is one you don’t want to miss! Located in Astara County in northeastern Iran, it is definitely worth the drive to see this natural beauty.

1. Mount Alam


Coming in at 4850 meters above sea level, and the second highest peak in Iran is a must visit. Especially if you’re a hiker or mountain climber! Located in northern Iran this mountain is sure to sweep you off your feet! Just make sure you’re not on a slope when that happens. It’s one of the most beautiful mountains, and definitely worth a peak ;).

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