Til Death Do Us Part

No words can truly express how special you are to me.

You’ve been through this journey with me for a long time.

It’s difficult for me to remember what I was like before you had even known of my existence.

What I can say is that man was missing a piece of the puzzle; that man was lost.

I didn’t know I was lost, until I found you.

When I found you I flourished.

You seen my potential, and exposed them like you marked them with radioactive phosphorus-32 highlighting my real self worth.

You showed me what love is, and made me feel a way I’ve never felt before.

Remember the time we rented out a cabin near Gull Lake on our 3rd anniversary.

I must’ve told this story a thousand times of how we got so drunk in a random tent, and we stumbled back to our cabin.

Only to find we stumbled into our neighbours cabin.

The memories you and I had shared are what has come to define me.

It has come to change my perspective of what life is truly about. Before last week, the worst moment of my life happened on July 6, 1983; when I almost lost you.

That was when we found out you are deathly allergic to peanuts.

An allergy that had formed in your adult years, and almost took you away from me.

I thanked god everyday that god didn’t take you back home then. The best moments with you are in a compilation of our ups and our downs.

Our resiliency in the face of trouble.

Our need for each other that was so great, it was an eternity staying a fortnight without you.

Our little quirks that annoyed our friends, and the special bond we hold with each other in the new diploid offspring we had created; our beautiful children.

I hold you forever dear in my heart; you are the love of my life. And so, as we all stand here today in memory of the love you brought us, the strength you instilled in us, and the humbleness and courage you projected in all of the lives to ever cross your path; we lay you here back into the world.

Back to the planet that gave us this miraculous gift we all take for granted.

You will always be the love of my life, and until our final days we carry your spirit on forever.

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