The Path We Are Headed

As I went through this dark tunnel, back into the only reality I have ever known.

I sensed a familiar fear, yet one that I had never felt.

Walking down this dark tunnel over and over again, into a bright light that developed into my reality.

A reality where I went to school in, where I had got my first job in, where I fell in love in.

The only problem is that I have always woken up to the same dream, and for the first time I am realizing the linear trend of similarity.

I wake up seeing this big grey concave wall that lights up, and it lights up extremely bright from all sides.

The light begins to rapidly increase from very dim and it is increasing substantially at a constant rate until I can no longer see anything; the white light then has suddenly gone away.

Everything has momentarily become pitch black, and a distant white light begins finding its way towards me.

It feels as though it is drawing me in, but I could swear it was me walking towards it.

I begin feeling as though I am turning, as if I were navigating through space; I felt myself float upright, then I felt myself facing downwards in space, but I could swear that I was stationary, that I was lying down in my bed.

I felt as though I had now entered passed the entryway of this aromatic white light.

Images suddenly began appearing around me.

I started to recognize familiar objects, and started hearing this familiar voice.

A soft sweet voice.

A voice so tender, so loving it was like I heard my life being replayed with all of the life-defining times I had felt it with this person.

She spoke with her cute soft morning voice “Honey, its time to wake up!”

Her voice brought back times I felt unconditional love.

Memories of her and I floated back and fro, from synapse to synapse, she would pop into my head.

I open my eyes, and there she is. The most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

Every interaction of her and I suddenly came storming in all at once.

It organized itself from most significant to least.

Our most significant times went something like this.

The time she led me towards an incredible view of the city on our first hiking trip was the moment I first realized I loved her.

It was on our sixth date that we decided to do something more active.

We hiked up the side of this mountain.

I remembered this certain thought as she led me towards this extravagant view, “I love this girl!”

As my heart began to beat faster the memory switches to another encounter.

Our wedding day!

The most important day of our lives.

The day we became one, unified by this complete feeling that words were not capable to describe its impeccable power.

I played her a song that I now play her every night.

One I wrote and perfected every moment I felt the butterflies, and now to entice hers.

Every time I felt her soft skin.

Every time I felt her love.

I can suddenly see her partially eclipsing the distant sun.

As night falls across the heavens a shadow of her body dances.

As I would soon learn everything I had once thought to be true, was false.

Her body dancing to the rhythm of this falling star transitioned into the concave wall that lit brighter than a hyper-giant.

I start coming back to reality when I hear a loud bang on the door.

I jump out of bed to see armed men rush into my home.

They shoot at my wife, and hit her twice in the chest.

They point the gun at me, but with a burst of uncontrollable fury, I rush at them!

Loud shots ring out, and everything became completely silent, with only some faint ringing from a sudden onset of tinnitus.

I am falling down!

Everything seems so slow, yet happening so fast.

Then just as I hit the floor face first, everything momentarily becomes black.

The next thing I see is a dim light faintly beginning to appear across all sides of this concave wall.

It was starting all over again….

Here I am again! Where am I? What is this place?!

I can’t open my mouth, and scream.

Even though I want to so bad!

Was everything that happened just a dream?

The picture of my wife’s newly lifeless body strikes me harder than the bullet that hit struck my chest.

Images of her lying on the ground as I charge at her killers. Who were these people, and why did they start shooting?

Why were they wearing fatigues.


“They killed her, they fucking killed my Sarah!” I thought to my self, and I tried to start crying, but I couldn’t shed a tear.


My minds racing, and I can’t do anything about it. I try to scream, but my mouth will not open.

I try to boot this wall, but I can’t move any part of me.

This seems like the longest I’ve been stuck in this foreign place.

Why can’t I move at all?

The light faintly begins to appear, and turn on once again!

This concave wall in front of me starts becoming brighter with each millisecond.

Each millisecond that passed felt like an eternity.

I don’t know what’s waiting for me on the other side of this place. Every. Single. Time!

The light slowly becomes brighter and brighter until it is unbearably bright.

Again everything suddenly becomes pitch black, and the feeling that I am floating through space is once more upon me.

Only this time I can hear her voice call for me.

Could my wife still be alive?

I then see a faint white light appear in this universe that had been void of light.

I am brought forward to the light.

Like I was moving towards the “light at the end of the tunnel,” I keep approaching this light until I am submerged.

Finally my eyes open, and I take in a huge gasp for air. I look up at the ceiling, but everything was dark.

Other than a little light that was shining from a little window in front of me.

I have been imprisoned, but I have no idea where.

What happened to Sarah?

I start slamming my fists at the door until I collapse onto the ground bursting into tears.

I pick myself up trying to cope and understand what has transpired.

I must stay strong right now, this is no time to be weak.

I will avenge her!

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