The Importance of Consistency

It’s hard to be an open book to everyone online, and it’s something I’m trying to get used to.

So far it’s been cool because I’ve hadn’t gained a lot of attention on what I blog about.

But the other day I received some advice from a friend who got that advice from their uncle.

I’m not going to post the whole quote on here out of respect for them, and their privacy.

But in gist the quotes message was consistency and slow and steady pace is best way to live.

Many people give it their all, and sometimes hit.

However they miss a lot before they hit.

I like to take these kinds of advice, and appropriately place them where they fit in my everyday life.

I believe for the most part that is true, when you’re trying to get something accomplished and achieve your goal you stay consistent and keep pushing through.

Don’t swing for the fences every single time because you’ll always get tired in the end.

Pick and choose your shots, and when there is clear opportunity and accomplishment of your goals call for you swinging to the fences.

Swing until you win or lose.

Those are at rare times, and for the most part they can be differentiated as long as your consistent.

Aristotle said that in order to become a virtuous person, you must practice being virtuous.

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