Special and Romantic Things To Do For Your Partner

Cute couple on a special hike walking at a national park with lots of trees and green moss
Andy and Ally in August 2019 at Kejimkujik National Park in Nova Scotia

Being in a relationship is something I treasure so greatly and practice never taking for granted. I adore everything about being in a relationship with my partner Andy, and take deep pride in the bond we have created. It is my absolute favourite thing to see my partner smile and surprise him with romantic, exciting, adventurous, and creative surprises. These special surprises builds on our memories, keeps us active, and makes things interesting. I find this is a way I can give back to my incredible love and show my appreciation and admiration that I hold for him.

Scavenger Hunt

romantic cute couple in car smiling and reading a clue for a special scavenger hunt
Summer 2019 Scavenger Hunt to tell Andy BIG NEWS!!!

A scavenger hunt is a perfect idea whenever you have big news to share, or a unique way to give your loved one a gift. As a creative person I love putting my imagination and originality into a surprise I can give my partner. I found through experience that the individuality and artistry I put into the scavenger hunt I created was really appreciated by my partner.

You can start the adventure in many ways. Give your spouse their first clue first thing in the morning, in their lunch box or when you pick them up from work and let the game begin. You can hide the clues in the house, the yard, or all around town. My preference is to place the clues at important and special landmarks of your relationship such as: where you had your first date, your gym, your old high school, favourite restaurant, ect. Play with words and rhythms to create clever clues.

Ex.) Hayabusa Mixed Martial Arts Centre – Where Andy trained Brazilian Jiu Jitzu

Clue: You say your tough, you say I could be too, lets put that thought to the test, break out of this next clue.

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Dinner Theatre

romantic and cute couple smiling on a  special date at a dinner theatre
Jubilations Dinner Theatre Edmonton Alberta in Fall 2019

Dinner Theatres are my top choice when going out to eat. Dinner Theatres usually have either a buffet or a three course meal (soup or salad, entree, dessert) all included in the price of the ticket. Tickets are usually around 100-150 CAD per couple. Depending on your budget and where you usually dine this may be a bit more pricey than usual but well worth the money. The whole experience lasts around 2-4 hours. From my experiences I have always been hugely satisfied with the service and the food as well as the play. I find taking your loved one to a Dinner Theatre is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or just because.

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romantic table set for a special anniversary date with red rose pedals, wine glasses and a bottle of wine
The Melting Pot Edmonton Alberta in Winter 2019

If you are looking for a romantic dinner date, then fondue is a great option! Fondue night is another alternative to a standard dinner date. I find fondue is an intimate experience because it is interactive and lasts hours. You can do this at home or at fondue restaurants.

At a home, dim the lights, light some candles, and spread out some rose pedals for a romantic feel. There are cheese, broth, and chocolate fondues options. Get creative with all sorts of fondue recipes. I fell in love with fondue ever since my first time going to “The Melting Pot” in Edmonton Alberta. I now have a fondue pot of my own so I can enjoy the experience in the comfort of my own home.

Stay in a Hotel

Cute and romantic couple stay at a hotel for a special occasion in a jacuzzi bathtub with bubbles
Banff Alberta in Winter 2019

Changing up your usual environment can be exciting. Staying in a hotel, even just for a night, can make you feel pampered and relaxed. Get a room with a big jacuzzi tub so you can sink next to your loved one in a soothing mountain of bubbles. Wear face masks and listen to some soft zen music. Give each other a massage and wear crisp matching white robes. Order some room service and have a few glasses or bottles of wine. No need to worry about cleaning or dishes the morning after.

For an added surprise element, pack your partners bag without them knowing and put it in the trunk. Pick them up or greet them at the door and tell them your going on a little journey.

Watch The Sunset

Young woman watching beautiful colourful sunset by a lake with trees
Summer 2018

There is nothing like getting lost down a back road late at night to watch the sunset and/or stargaze. You may be surprised how different the sky looks the further you get out of the city. Where I am from we have the most beautiful and romantic skies, it would be a sin not to go admire them. If you have a truck make a bed in the tail gate otherwise pack lots of blanket and sleep on the earths floor. Hear the crickets chirp, and feel the cool summer breeze while you and your companion absorb the beauty of the nighttime sky.


Young woman holding a lit Chinese floating lantern on a romantic night
Summerville Beach Nova Scotia in Summer 2019

Lanterns are a romantic and unique addition to make a date extra special. You can buy lanterns on many online websites such as Amazon (see below). Make sure to check rules and regulations in your province or state on these floating lights and follow safety precautions. I suggest releasing the lanterns over a body of water away from cities and residential areas. Lanterns are absolutely beautiful to watch and an interactive and engaging experience. Use floating lights at weddings, baby showers, anniversaries, or many more special occasions.

I hope my ideas inspire many other individuals to show some extra love to their partners. Successful relationships require 100% effort from both parties. So give your all and surprise your partner with some of these great ideas.

Please comment below and share your favourite things to do for your loved one!

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