1 Reason I Choose Producing Content over Scrolling Facebook

Probably like everyone else, you have found yourself scrolling mindlessly through Facebook, the Gram (Instagram), and/or Twitter.

I always found myself doing that. I have definitely gotten a lot better, but I still find myself going through my feed.

It’s definitely a level of entertainment that we are all susceptible to because everything or most of everything we see on our feeds are things that relate to us as individuals.

I have taken a challenge set out by myself instead of going through my feed at times I can be waiting, I will do something more productive such as writing this blog post (creating content), doing my readings for University, or cleaning.

That’s to say that it’s not so bad that I’m going to completely cut it out of my life, definitely not the point. Just in moderation.

The truest words I’ve ever heard everything in moderation.

However, moderation is proportional to the negative consequences that is inflicted by the action. For example you’re not going to drink a pop everyday and say that your doing it in moderation, but a pop once or twice a week is in moderation.

What do you do when you find yourself mindlessly scrolling through Social Media? Comment below!

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Thanks again everyone, I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts! Have an amazing rest of your day!

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