Daily Post #4: Making the Right Decision

Making the right decision… there is always decisions to make and then the what ifs that fall in place after that decision. Or when you think you’ve got it all figured out- wham, bam, back to the drawing board. Life is a great big grey area, and what I’ve learned in my life is that the right decision is not clear. Instead, the necessary factors need to be logical to you personally. The direction and the decision that you make need to make sense for you, and your gut has a good way of telling you what will most likely resonate with what you think will get you there. Even then, there will still be consequences to the decision you make. Life is a great big game of action, reaction, and sequence. We are all here for the experience of life, and the “right decision” is to experience it the best way that feeds your soul and fills you up with joy. To analyze, what is it that’s going to make you happy and fulfill your passions in life. It might not be clear as day right away. It took me a while to understand Gary Vaynerchuk on this aspect. Be patient, take your time, happiness at a lower wage is better than being miserable. I am still somewhat in shambles about the decisions I am making and what I want , but I know what I don’t want. I think that knowing what you don’t want, and continuing to find those things will eventually lead you up to the things that are going to be fulfilling.

Making the right decision?

The right decision is as complex as living biological systems with multiple functions and many factors to them. Taking the steps now, creating the actions that will lead you to the spot that you want to get to. For me, as an example, my goal is to create a business around medical and scientific writing. I’ve accomplished completing my undergraduate degree. I really like the field of medical and content writing because of the flexibility of the job, the interest I have in studying diseases, and my ability to write articles and articulate information in an easy and understandable manner. This is even just a step for me in grand scheme of things because my ultimate goal is create content everyday around the globe. The steps that I need to do to get to my first accomplishment is to gain more experience. I attempted to get multiple jobs from multiple companies as medical/scientific writer, but I’ve had no luck with it. So, to gain experience without being employed by a company who have already obtained the clients, is to go to get clients for myself as a freelancer. This requires more skill than being directed as an employee. So, the first step is to build a portfolio and than obtain clientele. Then I proceed to the offer to the client, and so on. I feel in my heart that this is the right decision to get me to achieving my goals as a contest creator. I feel each step is the right decision. But what and how will this decision affect in other aspects of my life. There are many things to consider, but making the right decision isn’t one of them.

Making the decision that moves you closer to what you want, what’s important to you, and what will make you happy in life is! Love the process, and pivot to make it to your happy. Do you find making the right decision a complex task or should do you find clear cut decisions always lead to the right one? Comment below, and please share ❤️

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