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In a nutshell, the topic today id like to discuss today is really just building a story which will add value to your experience here. I would like to transition into really providing value for you reading this. It takes some time to read articles, and the key is for me to provide you with an article that is really going to captivate and capture your attention, and when you leave to really give you something valuable to take with you.

It’s like this, you walk down the road and you find someone just sitting on the side of the street. They look at you, and they ask you for some change. Most of us will walk by ignoring them, some will dig out a dollar or two, and the few will take those people and ask can I buy you some food. It’s very few that add the value to that persons life. The story today will be of just this… adding value to another persons life.

Short Story

It was a cold and gloomy day, and I was heading down to work on the subway. It usually takes me roughly 45 minutes to commute to work once I finally get to the subway station by bus. I usually spend my time responding to emails that people write. Most are just inquiring about legal documents that they need tendered, but sometimes I get cases. Being an intern after obtaining a JD has its cons, that’s for sure. However, every lawyer starts off at this place. I finally got a case that I really feel that I can show the partners at the firm that I am ready to make a good impression on.

As I was studying for this case on the subway train as the train stopped at Marrickville Station, a fairly young person walked onto the train. They were wearing clothing that was worn out, and torn with holes that were big and that were small. I continue on reading the case. It was a civil matter which my firm thought that I could handle. This case involved an employee who was being sued by the company we represent. The employee purposely made significant mistakes in handling the accounts of the business. The company decided to peruse compensation for damages.

Woman in water at beach

The person in tattered clothing was itching their arms profusely, and it was beginning to distract me from the work that I had to do. I was beginning to become irritated with the person, and I shrugged them off as being just some addict trying to get another fix. I got up out of my seat, and began walking back. Another passenger approached the person in tattered clothing. I stayed in hearing distance so I could eavesdrop in on the conversation as I was curious on what the other passenger was doing.

The conversation began with the other a passenger being concerned, and asking questions about where they were staying, etc. I began listening to this persons story, and it was truly heartbreaking. This person in tattered clothing had been abused daily and mustered up the courage to run off. The other passenger commended the the person in tattered clothing. The conversation continued, and I got the names of both of them. Harry was the person in tattered clothing, and Sarah was the other passenger. Harry has been homeless for nearly 2 weeks now, and didn’t have any knowledge about services. Sarah was there to provide all that information to Harry to help get Harry back on his feet, and off the streets. Harry had been sleeping under bridges, and to commute would do so illegally. Sarah gave Harry the names of multiple homeless shelters in Sydney, and a range of different services offered by the New South Wales government. Sarah provided a valuable service by providing the information to Harry, and helping Harry find the resources he needed to get on his feet. She added value to his life by supplying these resources that Harry had not known.

That is just one example of providing value to another person. Leave a comment below on your thoughts and examples of providing value to others lives.

Until next time, keep finding your happy.


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