Engaging Budget Friendly Activities To Do With Your Partner

Being active and living an adventurous lifestyle is something that is essential for my mental health. I love the great outdoors, exploring, and getting fresh air. I incorporate this energy and productivity into my relationship. Having a partner that also enjoys living a lively and mobile lifestyle are traits that attract me and cannot be overseen.

My Partner Andy and I absolutely adore our time together. We are always brainstorming new things we can do together to keep busy and have fun. As students, we are faced with the one big ugly challenge, money (and not having enough of it). Dates, and life in general, are very expensive, and we find that our desire for an active lifestyle is sometimes compromised due to money.

Thanks to our creativity and resourcefulness we have discovered many activities that are engaging and interactive, but are also budget friendly.

Go Skating

New or experienced, good or bad, skating is a super fun winter activity. Personally I have no talent at this sport, but I do have an enjoyable, yet funny, time. If you don’t already have a pair of skate, you will find that many indoor and outdoor ice rinks have skate rentals. But, I suggest thrifting your skates and sharpening them at a sporting goods store. Some rinks are lit up with different colours and designs on the ice, and make for a romantic date to do with your partner. Dress warm, get yourself a delicious drink, and skate hand in hand at an outdoor rink.

The Museum

museum is a great activity. girl looking at bears

Museums are a great idea for a day out of the house. Museums have multiple show rooms, you can find yourself getting lost in the fascinating origins of humanity in the Human History museum, see wondrous creatures and lush plants, living and non-living, in the Natural History museum, and discover the magnificence of the former rulers of the animal kingdom in the Pre-Historic museum. These are just a few examples, check your local listings to see what discoveries you can scout. The museum is a great opportunity to learn and explore some of life’s wonders.


swimming pool with ladder

Swimming is great full body exercise and is also very soothing and relaxing. Going to the swimming pool is Andy and I’s favourite activity to do together. We try to go swimming at least three times a week. Go to a different pool each visit for a change in scenery, and rate your favourite facilities. Swimming brings out the kids in us. Try playing games in the pool such as swimming races, diving challenges, and building boats out of the pool floats. Lean into each other in the hot tub, and relax your body and mind after an active and exciting day. I find that I have a much better sleep at night when I go swimming that day!

A Nature Sanctuary

Go walking at a nature sanctuary! Finding a nature sanctuary makes for a very interesting walk, you never know what animal you might come across. Feed the birds and listen to them sing on your fairytale like walk. Since these lands are protected, the birds are comfortable eating right from your hands. They even fly on top of your head and shoulders. Take your camera because these interactions with the birds make for a very cool slow motion video.

Bake Together

baking delicious blueberry muffins

Baking is an engaging, interactive, and tasty activity. Bake cupcakes, cakes, cookies, and muffins. Turn on some music, dance around the kitchen, and have fun baking up a storm. Keep a recipe book so you can start saving your favourite recipes. Keep it all for yourself or deliver the tasty snacks to your friends and family. A full stomach is a happy stomach!

I hope these ideas give you perspective that there are many fun activities that are also budget friendly. Spending more money doesn’t always create a more enjoyable experience. It is the people who we spend our time with and the positivity we have that impacts our ability to seek pleasure in even simple activities.

Please Comment Below And Share What Activities You Love To Do With Your Loved One!

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