Daily Post #2: Responsibility

Responsibilities lurk around the corner. It seems like every year one grows older, the vast amount of responsibility that is acquired exponentially increases. Going from doing daily chores into adulthood making sure your kids become disciplined and to do those chores.

Once you reach a certain age, all the responsibility falls onto you. There is always a choice on how to proceed with the responsibility cards you were dealt. Choosing to ignore the responsibilities will only leave more problems, yet in one thing or another everyone is guilty of this choice. People ignore their responsibilities in love, business, family, health. Ignoring these responsibilities can have a multitude of implications impacting many aspects of one’s life. Picking and choosing the responsibilities that are most important, even if those choices are irresponsible for one’s mental health.

Picking and choosing responsibility is necessary because every action has an implication in some form. However, choosing the responsibility that best serves your health (physical and mental), that takes care of those you love and those you’ve chosen to walk alongside, to take responsibilities to always keep improving and making sure whatever you do leads you to happiness, to take the responsibility to make sure that the place your in is better than how you found it. I believe that is the way to pick and choose the responsibilities to prioritize, and the others to leave on the dash.

My responsibility

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