Daily Post #1: Showing Up

Showing up to something, especially when it is a new goal or hobby that you want to do is pretty difficult for some people… who am I kidding, it’s difficult for everyone! I have been talking about getting my website going with daily posts and showing up for months. A couple days ago I found some new motivation into writing my blog articles. It’s by showing up, regardless of the quality of the content today by showing up! I’m showing up by writing this blog article and making a habit out of it in order for me to show up every day without even thinking about it. I am writing this blog article as I am sitting watching trains, and “Rail Fanning.”

The 2nd train of the night

Showing up is a difficult feat. Building habits that are good and that will change your life are difficult feat. Don’t get me wrong, so when it comes to showing up for a new job- showing up to your responsibilities that will have imminent implications to your daily life… it’s a no-brainer, people will be showing up. But, showing up to something that isn’t going to pay-off immediately, it’s like we are hardwired to procrastinate, make excuses, and take our time to fulfill those goals. Just like me with my website.

So, for now I am going to make this blog post very short and sweet. This is me showing up, and because this is something that I know in my heart that I truly want to continue and make successful I will continue show up. Thank you for reading my blog post, every time discuss shared or read it truly supports what I’m trying to accomplish here. I haven’t quite stated that yet, but I’ve got plans. Big plans!

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