HIPAA, HITECH, and OSHA and How They Impact Healthcare in the United States: A Summary

HIPAA HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 1. It is responsible for creating national standards to protect sensitive patient information so that it is not shared without the patient's consent or knowledge. The facilities and individuals who are subject to this act are called "covered entities" and include places …

The Phoenix Open 2023: A Showcase of the Power of Habits

Table of ContentsI. Introduction: What is the Phoenix Open 2023 and Why is it RelevantII. The Importance of Habit in Golf and LifeIII. Champions on Display at the Phoenix Open 2023IV. Tips for Building Habits in Golf and LifeV. Conclusion I. Introduction: What is the Phoenix Open 2023 and Why is it Relevant The Phoenix …

The Importance of Modern Research and Its Impact on Smoking Since the Early 1950s

In 1950, the Journal of The American Medical Association published a study conducted by Wynder and Graham titled "Tobacco Smoking as a Possible Etiologic Factor in Branchiogenic Carcinoma: A Study of 684 Proven Cases" 4. This study focused on lung cancer prevalence in relation to cigarettes and although it was not the first article published …

Why Eating Healthy Keeps Your Brain Healthy

Keeping a healthy balanced lifestyle which includes eating a healthy balanced diet, exercise, actively practicing good mental health habits, and healthy levels of stress ensures you are keeping your brain healthy. All of these things are not mutually exclusive. They are all very important to ensure you have a healthy brain. Your brain is active … Read more

Here is how to add value

In a nutshell, the topic today id like to discuss today is really just building a story which will add value to your experience here. I would like to transition into really providing value for you reading this. It takes some time to read articles, and the key is for me to provide you with … Read more