A Christmas Story

This is the story of how I died on Christmas Day.
T’was the night before, the night before Christmas Day, and my life was about to end.
I woke up in the morning as the shelter woke the lot of us up.
I could feel today was different, but I didn’t know why.
I had felt something shift so subtly like a gravitational wave passing by.
T’was the day before Christmas, and my last day alive.
I went out as usual to try and get some change from shoppers near by on this day before Christmas.
Many walked past, without a penny to spare.
Others would bless me with some change, a meal, or a prayer. I’m most thankful for those.
I need not recognize in my acknowledgments the ones who judge my very being, but pray for them to be better beings.
T’was the day before Christmas, and I felt so blessed.
To be alive with so many that would give to guy with as little as I.
Many of the nights this past month I spent crying, and it’s these days that mean so much to me.
The days I feel so blessed for my very existence, my very being.
Little did I know would it cease in a matter of hours.
To taste the sour stench of death, had no comparison to taste the sweet scent of life.
They go hand and hand.
T’was the evening before Christmas, and was blessed with a meal.
My very last one, but nonetheless it was amazing.
A steak dinner from a couple who just finished eating.
You see they seen me there sitting in the snow, as they ate, they ordered me a full meal for me to eat.
I walked down the street with a box full of food, when I seen a young child without any shoes.
I said “Son it’s getting late, you must get to shelter before you feet become ice, have you had something to eat tonight?”
He shook his head no, so I gave him my meal.
Said we have to rush now before it’s too late.
So we rushed to the shelter, but they said there was no space.
“We can only take the child, but you have to find another place.”
So I gave them my blessings l, and the child a word to take “Keep your head held high, and always aim big.”
So I left from the shelter to find me some warmth.
Got kicked from the bus station, train station, and any other place I could think of. It was 2 a.m., -20°C, and I couldn’t feel my face.
So with no place to go I walked to the huge Christmas Tree at the foot of the Legislature, and let out a prayer.
“Please GOD bless me with the strength to endure your plans.”
I felt some warmth as god had blessed me, and I grabbed an ornament off the tree.
I sat beneath the tree dozing off to sleep.
I prayed ‘til I slept because t’was Christmas Morning, and it was my time to pass.
I had died this Christmas with a red and white ornament in my hand.

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