6:51 am 05/02/2020

First update of the day!

Another day today! One I’m not particularly all too excited for.

I had a great morning waking up with my best friend.

My favourite part of my day is when me and her are together.

A feeling, before, that I couldn’t fathom.

I’m not particularly excited today is because I have a midterm for Chemistry.

I get nervous whenever I have exams, especially when I feel like I could be more prepared.

I hope it goes well.

Some many things are on my mind, and fighting for focus.

So when important dates come up, it’s like I can feel these things fighting to shift in focus.

A healthy balance is necessary for these things I guess.

I’m always telling myself that if I fail that I am the one that needs to improve.

Improvement is always necessary, but also reflection on actions is just as necessary.

Am I taking on too much? What are those areas I could improve on?

Reflection should always precede Improvement because it’s what guides you on what to improve.

I’m sitting a block away from my school, about to go in.

My exam is on Kinetics and Equilibrium, and chemists our there got some last minute advice?

I’m going to post my notes on here once I’m done studying so stay tuned!

I’m so grateful for being able to share my story, and my journey throughout my life, and my career. I hope I can inspire at least one person!

Thank you all for reading this post! I also have a business that I run, and we are having an a donair eating contest event between two MMA fighters Tanner “The Bulldozer” Boser and Christian Larsen (TBD), and meanwhile before the contest we are raising money for a local children’s hospital in my home city. Please visit my page and share it, I would like to raise the most amount of money for this hospital! I’ve always been proud of having such a hospital in my city, they do such a great job there! Please help me share awareness! Here’s the link to the post, you can share on your page or even donate directly to them on the post! Link is below.

Have an amazing day everyone!

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