5 Secret Steps Diet Fads Don’t Tell You About

Have you ever found yourself googling these many different ways to diet, lose weight, or try to find recipes.

You may even have gave them a shot, succeeded for a while then wham bam you got shot down from the sky by 7-days of sugars and fats, because it wasn’t your weak.

Stop doing that to yourself. No diet fad or supplements will change you, if you don’t change you. It’s all about habit so in this blog I’m going to scratch that, and cut the sh!t that other diet blogs often produce.

Top 5 List Begins

5) Find 10 Recipes

On the first month, you’re going to open your browser and find 10 new recipes. You may have already found some on google, or seen some on a Facebook page (caution: some of those recipes look good, but taste like the first time I made mashed potatoes). Regardless if you’re a keto, paleo, mediterranean, or even the “I don’t give a f*&k about diet fads person” this is a crucial step. You need a meal plan folks, and I’m not saying to go count your calories. You need a meal plan that you’re going to cook, and if you have 10 recipes you’ll give yourself variety in what you’re going to be taking with you for lunch. And if you are on the go and busy for dinner, you’re not eating the same things. After your first month, pay attention to recipes. Instead mindlessly scrolling through social media, look up a recipe online whether you’re it’s your daily poo or morning commute (disclaimer: don’t google and drive)

4) Buy small tin foil food containers/ a FoodSaver vacuum seal and a deep freeze .

After you have completed your googling, we don’t want to just make all of our food and then store it in some reusable container because then over the month your hard efforts would be wasted as your food will be tasting gross and freezer burnt.

Invest in a food-sealer, and vacuum seal your food. If you have a soup, you can still vacuum seal it, but you must par-freeze it first so the powerful vacuum sucking action of your new FoodSaver Food Sealer won’t be taking your chicken noodle up with that unwanted O2.

This will keep your food fresh, and freezer burn free. While you’re there, buy a deep freeze. This is where your pre-made nutritious meals will go. Don’t try storing all that in your freezer because you’re freezer needs to be kept open for other things, like you’re date night dinners, bread, and fruits for your smoothies.

3) Prepare Your Meal Prep for Easy Cooking

Not every one has the time to be cooking everyday. More often than not, you find that you’re running home late and you haven’t eaten anything. That being said, more often than not, most people have at least one day off during a month. On the one day off, it’s time to cut your veggies. Just like in cooking shows, you must prepare all of your ingredients for cooking. The obvious point here is that you need ingredients, and then get them ready for cooking.

Step I: Write down a list of all the ingredients that you’re going to need, and see if you have any here. Make sure you’re modifying the recipes to include rich superfoods. Click here to see a list of these superfoods.

Step II: Go down to your nearest hypermarche (that’s French for Costco), and buy all your items in bulk. Also, skip the hotdog line you don’t need that unless you’re in your third month of this program

Step III: Take your items home, and follow the instructions on the recipes and add your superfoods modifications .

It’s as easy as 1… 2… 3…

2) It’s Cooking Time

Follow the instructions, and now cook.

To prevent a pile up of dishes by the end of make sure you have your sink already full of water and soap. Wash as you go along!

You’ll be thanking me in the long run.

Don’t feel obligated to use an special ingredient if you don’t have all the ingredients in your kitchen.

You don’t need to go out and spend $100 of dollars on spices you’ll never use again.

As long as you have the essentials, you’re good!

1) Reward Yourself!

The most important step on this blog.

Do you want to stay consistent?

Do you want to make sure this isn’t another one of those times where you say you’re going to stick with this, but you don’t?

It is important to reward yourself.

Even pro MMA fighters in fight camp reward themselves with a little treat, or they splurge right after their hard earned experience.

Just make sure you follow the 80/20 rule!

As long as you eat healthy 80% of the time, that means 80% of your meals are whole and healthy, the other 20% of can be whatever you like.

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