About Us

About Us
couple walking on trail holding hands surrounded by forest

Andy’s Story

I am a 27 year old University Student in my undergrad years with the ultimate goal of receiving a PhD in Molecular Genetics, as my career goal is to become a Clincal Geneticist.

I have dealt with depression and financial issues in my first years at university, and before I entered my undergrad years at 24 years of age, I was working various jobs. I’ve never been the greatest at dealing with my mental and emotional health nor my finances, but I am doing a lot better now. 

My goal with this blog is to motivate, create positivity, inspire, and share my journey with the world. Everyone has their own story, and everyone is lost on earth and words. We all know where we are headed, but we all don’t know the journey the lies ahead.

It’s the journey that matters, not the destination. The experiences lived are what matter when you reflect back on your life. Make sure those experiences keep you at your happiest.

couple walking on trail holding hands surrounded by forest

Ally’s Story

I am a 21 year old adventurer and admirer of nature. I enjoy exploring territory unmarked by my own two feet. There are a wide variety of interests of mine such as hiking, swimming, and camping. I’m an old soul so puzzles, cards, and knitting all qualify as Friday night fun. Game night with my family is also something I love (Settlers of Catan and Flinch). I like playing guitar, writing songs, and singing.

I’m not one to define myself by my career like many people tend to do “My name is Ally and I’m a Nurse”. I don’t think people’s jobs do a justice in defining who they are. But, I am a Nursing Student, and when you’re a nursing student that is pretty much your life. Especially when you’re doing your clinical rotations!

I can’t wait to get working in the Health Care field and discovering where it will take me. It is going to be a lifestyle change for me to start working in my career of choice, and save the moola after being a student.

I aspire to be the best version of myself. Aways trying to live an active lifestyle, and create as many meaningful memories as possible. I hope this blog encourages others to do the same. This blog is to share my experiences, interests, and create positivity.

Topics includes; travel, recipes, college advice, relationship tips, health and wellness inspiration, and the daily life of me, miss Fitz.

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